Sunday, April 14, 2013

In order to inspire you must first "resonate"

April 2013 Book Review


Nancy Duarte

I’ve read a least a half dozen books on developing presentations.  This one hit the mark better than any them.  Duarte does an amazing job of breaking down how and why great presentations not only resonate, but change the world.  Her writing, visuals, and case studies provide the direction anyone in a position to present should review.  Developing and delivering a moving presentation takes a lot of persistence, practice, improvements, and passion.  This book is not only insightful but inspiring. 

Here are a few of the better passages from the book: 

“Change is hard.  Getting people to commit to change is probably an organization’s greatest challenge.” 

“The first is the call to adventure – this should show the audience a gap between what is and what could be – jolting the audience from complacency.” 

“The second turning point is the call to action, which identifies what the audience needs to do or how they need to change.” 

“Focusing on commonalities bolsters credibility, so spend time uncovering similarities.” 

“Stories help an audience visualize what you do or what you believe: they make others’ hearts more pliable.  Sharing experiences in the form of a story creates a shared experience and visceral connection.” 

“The key to getting and holding attention is having something new happen continually.” 

“Turn words into pictures.” 

“Create a moment where you dramatically drive the big idea home by intentionally placing Something They’ll Always Remember – a S.T.A.R. moment – in each presentation.” 

“Ideas are not really alive if they are confined to only one person’s mind.” 

“Many of the people who changed the world broke the rules and went against standard convention.  They stood out, were different, and were even reviled at times.” 

The Fightin' Analyst Book Rating:

out of five stars