Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas, Muppets and Research? (circa 1978)

I’m not sure why this Christmas classic is no longer aired on television.  My best guess is the 60 minutes of run time doesn’t neatly fit in with our highly commercialized holiday…Oscar the Grouch singing I Hate Christmas and the absence of Elmo probably play a role as well.  Now that I have a son at a ripe age to understand the concept of Santa and able to identify Sesame Street characters, we figured it was a perfect time to watch it with him on Christmas Eve.  A couple things struck me while we watched it:  Jim Henson created incredibly entertaining, diverse and funny production that appealed to children and adults, and there’s a funny scene referencing “research.”  I’m guessing some 30 plus years ago I was subconsciously choosing my fate of working in the field of research after watching this film every Christmas Eve.

Here’s my Christmas Fightin’ Analyst post.  Notice how Kermit and Big Bird express frustration with the open-ended responses they received from a survey.  A sentiment many of us in research come across when dealing with our own open-ended questionnaires.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!