Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reading marketing research textbooks in your spare time?

October 2012 Textbook Review

Marketing Research
Methodological Foundations, Tenth Edition
There are two reasons why people don’t read textbooks:
1.)    575 plus pages (pages that are twice the size as a normal book) in a 10 point font
2.)    Sentences like this – “When the groups are equal in size, the cutting scoring YCS is given as the simple average of the mean discriminate scores for the groups; i.e., by the calculation YCS = (YW + YC)/2 = (14.2 + 11.2)/2 = 12.7.”
With that said, it took me nearly two years of off and on reading to complete this textbook.  It’s not something you necessarily look forward to picking up on a nightly, weekly, or in my case a monthly basis.  Having eight hour plus plane rides helped me through the last 200 pages.  When it comes to the value of research methods and practices, this is an important book to have and review.   I’m hoping this is the last textbook I ever find myself purchasing and reading.  Multivariate analyses and discriminate functions don’t resonate with most business leaders or marketing executives, but it is good to have exposure and to highlight areas of opportunity within your own research or analyses.  Since this isn’t a book, I won’t rate it on the same scale as others.   To be fair, this book is valuable to anyone that wants to sharpen their marketing research skills.  It’s a researcher’s dictionary, thesaurus and cookbook.

The Fightin' Analyst Textbook Rating:

out of five "textbook" stars