Saturday, September 29, 2012

Top Ten Fight Scenes

I've done analytical movie moments, so let's post some fighting moments.

Indiana Jones and the Nazi under the plane
What made Indiana Jones fights so great was the combination of humor and realism.  When you see the movie for the first time you think a hard fought scene will take place, but Indiana Jones uses a little luck and smarts to get him out of the traditional movie fight scene.
Alabama and mobster in motel room
Not surprisingly, this is incredibly violent (written by Quentin Tarantino), but Alabama’s character never gives up and uses all resources available to overcome the lowest of odds.
Martin Blank and Felix La PuBelle at high school reunion
The idea of two international assassins meeting in a high school hallway for an epic battle makes for a unique scene.  It's all the better to see John Cusack sporting fighting skills, which goes against all the type-casted roles he had played to this point.


Hit-Girl in the final scene of the movie
It’s completely ridiculous but oddly fun to watch a little girl beating up on mobsters.  The fight scene is graphic and leaves you wondering whose parents would let their kid play the role of this character.


Jason Bourne and CIA asset in Morocco
The camera movement and close-ups really make you feel like you are in the middle of the fight.  The absence of superhuman skills used in other movies seems to make you wince even more at some parts.


Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
This was the first true light saber fight scene in the Star Wars era.  I’m a fan of unconventional or unexpected endings which this scene probably did when it first came out.  Luke getting his butt kicked and then being told the guy you're trying to defeat is your dad may be the foundation for the familiar phrase “who’s your daddy.”


The Opening Scene
This scene clearly sets the stage for “this is not your father’s James Bond.”  He’s not a pretty boy like his predecessors and his opponents aren’t going down in one punch.
#3 Snatch


Mickey O’Neil and Gorgeous George
This bare-knuckled fight is great because there’s no stopping a fighter’s instincts to keep fighting, and the unique editing and imagery makes it especially memorable.
Indian Jones and the Swordsman
Smart scene is all I have to say.
Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver
The story and all the other fights that lead to this one are elements that make this my favorite fight scene.  Beatrix leaving Elle alive is fitting for a movie that leaves pretty much everyone else who crossed paths with her dead.