Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Creative Slap in the Face!

September 2012 Book Review

Ignore Everybody
And 39 Other Keys to Creativity
Books like: The War of Art, Linchpin, The Talent Code, Talent is Overrated, Imagine and Steal Like an Artist come to mind after completing this book.  MacLeod writes like we talk to only our closest of friends and family.  He doesn’t hold back and says the things we know to be true.  I hope one day I can have the balls this guy has to post my own personal experiences that I’ve had the fortune (or misfortune) in directing my path in life and career.   He’ll either give or revive the confidence you’ll need to keep blazing your own trails.  He also points out that being a “lone-wolf” in a “team obsessed” society is a hell of a lot smarter than being a sheep.  In fact, organizations are just now starting to wake up to this new creative shift.  This book is directly built from MacLeod’s own experiences; many of which we know most innovators have faced on their paths to success.  We need more guys like Hugh to work with and learn from.
Here are some of the MacLeod’s best quotes:
“If someone in your industry is more successful than you, it’s probably because he works harder at it than you do.  Sure, maybe he’s more inherently talented, more adept at networking, but I don’t consider that an excuse.  Over time, that advantage counts for less and less.  Which is why the world is full of highly talented, network-savvy, failed mediocrities.”
If you’re creative, if you can think independently, if you can articulate passion, if you can override the fear of being wrong, then your company needs you now more than it ever did.”
“It’s not what the software does.  It’s what the user does.”
“Good ideas alter the power of balance in relationships.  That is why good ideas are always initially resisted.”
The Fightin' Analyst Book Rating:
out of five stars