Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Creative Use of Conventional Resources (Part 2)

The saga ends with…
Ad Wars VIII – The Return of the Analysts
Background to this original parody:
The year was 2007.  While working in the print advertising division of my media company at the time, ADVO represented our greatest competitive threat.  They were, and still are, the mailed insert wraps you likely received called Shop Wise (now called Red Plum).  The company Valassis, which is still to this day a valued customer for the newspaper industry (usually provide coupon booklets in newspaper) ended up acquiring the direct mail company ADVO.  In the parody, I reference the companies as evil empires.  Do I think ADVO or Valassis is evil or completely ineffective?  Of course not.  When used right, all advertising mechanisms can deliver results (some are just more cost effective than others).  But for “parody” and sales motivational purposes I ended up figuratively referencing these companies with evil…. don’t forget, “It’s a movie parody!”  Mail’s greatest strengths are its ability to maximize potential market coverage (full market area or targeted).  Notice I used the word “potential.”  One hundred percent coverage or reach, as it’s sometimes referenced as, doesn’t equal 100% utility or usage.  Just because it arrived in my home or mailbox, doesn’t mean I saw it, read it or even used it.  The same can be said for any advertising mechanism.  A number of different research resources indicated just how low utility was for mailed advertising.  While local newspapers don’t supply the same kind of coverage, its advertising utility or usage is typically higher than direct mail’s.  A competitive advantage overlooked by many businesses and media buyers.  To communicate this research point, I developed the last installment in these parodies.  I personally think the animation, story and graphics are a small step up from the first parody, but I’m also a realist.  It’s as corny as the rest.  Enjoy.