Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marketing research is like peeling an onion

May 2012 Book Review

Marketing Metaphoria
© 2008
This book effectively demonstrates the importance of uncovering deep consumer insight.  Surface insights are valuable, but subconscious insight is the true key to success in marketing.  After reading this, it’s clear to me that metaphors help identify deep thinking and reveal the subconscious decisions we make.  Metaphors also transcend language and culture.  The Zaltmans breakdown our seven core metaphors, or deepest metaphors as they call them and demonstrate how companies use them to create products and communicate the value they offer.
Here are the seven deep metaphors outlined in Marketing Metaphoria:
1.       Balance,
2.       Transformation,
3.       Journey,
4.       Container,
5.       Connection,
6.       Resource,
7.       and Control
The book will definitely get you thinking about the metaphors you use or hear on a daily basis and what they say about you and the people saying them.  The biggest shortcoming from this book was lack of an outline for deriving such deep metaphors.
Here are a few of the better quotes I came across:
“…metaphors that structure what we think, hear, say, and do.  Deep metaphors are enduring ways of perceiving things, making sense of what we encounter, and guiding our subsequent actions.”
“…to think more deeply and imaginatively about data, a manager must allocate more time, abandon the comfort of out dated methods, and learn new, more scientifically grounded techniques.”
“Gaps between saying and meaning typically arise when consumers make unroutine decisions.  Focusing only on the say (product attributes and functional benefits) produces surface-level managerial thinking.  Brand battles are waged and won or lost at the deepest level.”

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