Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not the best ad book

Late March 2012 Book Review

The Real MadMen
There were a few historical advertising tidbits I hadn’t read before, but for the most part the stories shared were covered in books like The Mirror Makers, Ad Land, or the Nobody’s Perfect.  If someone’s a big “MadMen” fan, they’ll be especially disappointed when reading this book.
Here are a few of the better quotes I came across:
“This business of trying to measure everything in precise terms is one of the problems with advertising today.”
“What do you want out of me?  Fine writing?  Do you want masterpieces?  Do you want glowing things that can be framed by copywriters?  Or do you want to see the goddam sales curve stop moving down and start moving up?”  (Rosser Reeves)
"He taught me to be intolerant of mediocrity.  He taught me to worship the unknown.”  (Art Kane on Alex Brodovitch)
“Krone predicted that the consistency of the distinctive look would bring brand recognition, and he was right.”

The Fightin' Analyst Book Rating:

out of five stars