Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Late February 2012 Book Review

The Art and Science of Influential Web Content
I suspect if you’re responsible for web content and design this book would be a good guide for outlining strategies and generating success.  It was little “too niche” for this analyst, but it still had some valuable lessons and examples.  The author makes a good case for the importance of focusing on quality over quantity in a web content generation.  The core to building a highly engaging and credible site that generates repeat visitations and interactions is quality.
She also has a great diagram in the book that demonstrates the key to generating influential web content.  She states:  “the better you understand the mix of motivation and instruction your users need, the better you can offer the right content to nudge them into action.”
She also has a great analogy on evaluating web content:  “The question is not whether the hiker has data available, but which data is most useful to her when she’s on her journey.”
Data is continually growing in the fields of research and analysis.  The key is to be tracking the most pertinent information.  I also like how she points out why more isn’t always better:  “When people overload their minds with irrelevant data, they make decisions harder, not easier – and even less accurate.”
If you’re new to the content development business, this book is probably a good place to start.

The Fightin' Analyst Book Rating:

out of five stars