Sunday, August 21, 2011

A "Mindset" Action Plan

August 2011 Book Review

Put Your Mindset to Work

This book is Drive, meets Talent Code, meets Flow, meets Mindset, meets StrengthsFinders.  In fact, most of these books or authors were referenced at least once in this book.  It brings life to some of the books I’ve already mentioned and comes complete with tests and exercises to complete.  The authors first talk about how we now belong to Generation Global (Gen G), which I’ve seen firsthand.  They breakdown professional stages as Up-and-Comers, Builders and Finishers, which some may confuse with traditional generation descriptions.

They describe how employers desire employees with a strong mindset over a strong skill set.  Sadly gatekeepers are focused on the latter of the two and without the decision-maker’s knowledge may be eliminating the best candidates.
The authors categorize Mindset into three critical components: Global, Good and Grit  (3G Mindset).  If you pick up a copy (physical or electronic) you’ll have the opportunity the collect your own 3G Mindset score.  They do a great job of outlining the 3Gs and giving guidance to strengthen them.  They conclude the book by demonstrating how to apply these in getting the job you want and keeping it.  With keeping it, they came up with way to calculate your own ROI.  This book was tailor made for me and I plan on recommending it to a number of mangers and colleagues. 

Here are a few great quotes from the book:

“Rather than surround yourself with people who tend to settle for “good enough” as you do this important work, look out for opportunities to gain feedback whenever you can.  Seek out the improvement-minded people who will notice you for what you are doing, hopefully offering some well-earned encouragement such as, “You’re on the right track, keep working at it.”

“In most organizations the majority of people do the necessary job, perceive themselves to be working very hard, but in reality, they deliver well below their potential value.  As any employer will tell you, working hard is not the same as delivering optimal value.”

On Mindset: “You’ll soon discover that, for starters, it is not about putting on a bright shiny display of positive attitude.  Mindset is deeper.  It is what’s within and underneath everything else.”

On Global Mindset: “It is about how far you see, reach, and go to understand and address the everyday challenges and issues.”

On Good Mindset: “good determines how positive (or negative) your contribution to your job, your life, and the world ends up being.”

On Grit Mindset: “Grit shatters the entitlement myth – the belief that a certain education, certain grades, or certain privileges guarantee a good job – that has infected and weakened the United States, the United Kingdom, and many of the world’s wealthiest countries.”

“Intentionally surround yourself with people who possess mindsets you respect and wish to emulate.”

The Fightin' Analyst Book Rating:

out of five stars