Saturday, July 30, 2011

James Bond PowerPoint Parody

Clearly I’m an advocate for the use of marketing research.  When done right, it can make all the difference.  Given our current challenging economic times I think it’s important to point out the origins of marketing research:
“On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed, the Great Depression began, and advertising expenditures plummeted.  In the face of consumer sales resistance and corporate budget cutting, the advertising industry needed to improve its effectiveness.  It turned to research.  Daniel Starch, A. C. Nielsen, and George Gallup had founded research groups to study consumer attitudes and preferences.  By providing information on public opinion, the performance of ad messages, and sales of advertised products, these companies started a whole new business: the marketing research industry.”

Essentials of Contemporary Advertising (Second Edition)
William F. Arens
David H. Schaefer
Michael Weigold
Copyright © 2009, 2007

The attached PowerPoint parody reinforces the value of strong research and it’s utility.  It also includes additional shameless self promotion for the blog. 
P.S., making calculators appear to be walking can be an extremely challenging trick to complete in PowerPoint.

For the YouTube version, click here: